Below you will find the most frequently asked questions? If you still have more questions please contact us directly.


Do you provide pick-up?

We provide free pick-up from your resort for booking for min. 3 people.

We can help you to organize the shared transport for a small fee (much cheaper than taxi price), please ask in advance.

Do you give discounts?

We offer discounts for group booking (min. 3 people).

We also offer discounts for customers continuing education with us (excluding coaching sessions and fundives)

Can I pay in dollars, euro / with credit card?

Yes, we accept all the major currencies (with current exchange rate from Bangkok Bank).
We also accept credit card payments with 3% commision.

PayPal payments are coming soon!

Why the office is closed? Can I meet you for a chat?

Some days we are rarelly in the office, we are probably freediving or training.
If you want to meet us in the office please contact us in advance. Most likely our staff will be in the office after 3pm.

We can also meet you in your resort, just let us know in advance.

What is the best way to contact you?

We may be freediving or teaching in the water so the best way to contact us is through Facebook (ApneaKohPhangan) or e-mail (

If you really want to give us a call, the best times are after 3pm.

Do you collect any deposit with booking?

If you book any activities through our agent (look for our posters on the island) they usually charge you min. 400baht or 10% of price as a non-return cancellation deposit.

If you book with us directly we won't collect any advanced payment. We only ask you to inform us before 6pm previous day if you decide to cancel the trip. If you fail to inform us about cancellation, we will charge you 400baht cancellation penalty.

Do you take pictures/videos underwater?

Our Instructors always have the action camera with them in the water. Therefore whenever time and water conditions allow Instructors will take some pictures/videos of you free of charge. We also post photos from the courses on our Facebook page.

Do you want to rent a GoPro like camera and shoot yourself? Contact us in advance.


Non Freediver

I'm (x) years old. Can I start freediving ?

Freediving is  a sport and activity which can be practiced by anyone, despite their age or fitness level. The youngest student in the school was 9 and the oldest 78.
We always adapt the course to the student, trying to maximize his performance and help him to get the most from the course. However the content of the theory is kept the same for all, specific exercises in the water are adapted to student's performance.

We provide special courses for kids, aged 9 and up. Course is focused on basic skills and safety in the water. Please contact us directly for details.

I'm afraid of the water/ I had near drowning experience, can you help me?

Yes! We can help you. We had many students who did the course to overcome their fear of water and all of them finished the course amazed by their performance.
We introduce different relaxation and meditation techniques to calm you down. Instructor will be always with you in the water trying to help you enjoy the experience. If at any point you want to quit - no problem, course will be discounted.

I have asthma, can I freedive?

Yes, you can! Asthma is not really the problem in freediving. Actually a lot of students after the course discovered that breathing and relaxation techniques we teach, help them to controll and prevent attacs.

I'm a smoker. Is it a problem?

No, it is not, at least for freediving. Of course we discourage you from smoking but it won't influence you performance at the recreational level (Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses).
Later if you seriously thinking about competing or working as instructor it is better to consder quiting this bad habit.

I have mental/physical disability. Can I freedive?

There is very few conditions excluding you completly from freediving.

The most common one are: any traumas to the lungs (lung puncture, lung collapse), history of epileptic attacs and brain injuries. You still can join the course but we ask for medical statement from you doctor.

Any physical disabilities are not a problem. We will adapth the water session to your progress.


Already a Freediver

Do you recognize other freediving organizations/certifications?

Yes, we recognize certifications from all major freediving organizations.

Contact us to get advice on which course is best suited to your level and performance.

I spearfish for last 5/10/15 years, I can go to x meters. I want to do Advanced course.

To enroll for Advanced Freediver course you have to have any formal freediving education with certification. Despite your water performance or breath-hold capabilities there is much more in freediving than depth and time.

Considering the content of the Advanced Freediver course you have to be familiar with at least 2 section breathing technique, CW and FIM dives and you have to be educated in BO and safety procedures. Otherwise you won't benefit from the course. There is simply no time to fill all the gaps.

We advise you to start with Freediver Course to get all necessary skills and knowledge. And don't worry about the depth. If you go deeper than 20m already we can adjust the line accordingly, because we always look to improve your performance.

Depending on your PBs you could do a compensatory Freediver course in 1 day. Please contact us in advance.

How deep can I go on Koh Phangan?

We have the access to max 48m on Sail Rock. Please keep in mind that safety of our students is the priority and we train on this depth only in very good sea conditions.

We have acces to 40m on daily basis, which depth allows us for the most advanced exercises.

I want to learn mouth-fill / freefall / other specific skill. What can you offer?

Opt for coaching session with instructor. Each session starts with setting up the goals and later you gonna try to achieve them in te water.

I just want to fun dive, but I'm alone...

We offer fun dive as one of the services. You will be provided with the safety from our Master or Instructor, who will also guide you on the Sail Rock. If you want you can start the session with a few warm-up dives on the line.