Apnea Koh Phangan Freediving School

Apnea Koh Phangan Freediving School is the only center on Koh Phangan/Samui specialised in freediving. With over 15 years experience we are an accomplished team of freedivers and teachers, waiting to share their knowledge and passion for freediving.

The philosophy of the school is not to focus on depth or numbers but on enjoyment, relaxation and breathing. We cater for each individual's needs as everyone is different. With this approach progress is achieved faster and our students achieve depth and goals they never believed could happen.

Rest assured that you are with instructors of the highest caliber that adhere to proper training standards and methods. We strive to keep our training standards high. Instructors are required to be with you at all times during dives, safety is priority and classes are kept small. With maximum 3 students per instructor the training is very personal and progress is very fast. 

We believe that freediving is for everyone and we pride ourselves on giving a personalized approach to our students.

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Apnea Total Freediving Eduction

We teach freediving according to the Apnea Total Freediving Education System. Apnea Total is an international freediving organisation that provides certifications that are recognized worldwide, and is one of the largest certifying freediving organisations in the world. The Apnea Total headquarters located on Koh Tao has educated more then 10000 students to date making it one of the biggest freedivng organization worldwide. There are many reputable Apnea Total freediving centers and experienced Instructors who are teaching and certifying Apnea Total courses worldwide.

The school and teaching system focuses on experience in the water, where progress is fast and learning curve steep. With theory covering all necessary aspects of freediving but without exams or knowledge reviews, courses are easy to follow and enjoyable. We focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, incorporating in our training techniques from meditation and yoga. This approach guarantee that the student will reach surprising depths in very short time.

The maximum ratio instructor to students is 1:3, which makes training very personal allowing for maximum performance from students. Apnea Total is the only freediving teaching system which requires instructor to follow students during their dives. We are always with you in the water, providing assistance and guidance. You will never be left alone!

Apnea Koh Phangan offers a full spectrum of the Apnea Total courses starting from beginner until instructor level.

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Sail Rock

You won’t spend time in swimming-pool or in class listening to boring theory. Freediving is best served in open water.

We always dive on Sail Rock, which is the best dive site in Gulf of Thailand. It takes 1h ride by boat to get there. Sail Rock is a pinnacle which rises to 15m above and 40m below the surface and is situated half-way between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Since it is far away from the islands, it is a haven for marine life with abundance of fish and corals.  You can find there giant groupers, schools of chevron barracuas, great barracudas, queenfish, jacks, trevally's and more. This is also one of the best spots in the world to see the whale sharks with over 100 days of sightings in 2017 alone!

Every training session is finished with fundive. This gives students the opportunity to enjoy their newly acquired skills right on the spot. We have always camera with us so we will capture your best moments underwater.