We offer freediving courses from beginner to instructor level, training and deep coaching sessions, specific freediving workshops and private freediving trips.

Courses are run on Sail Rock, probably the best dive site in Thaiand. Boat leaves Chaloklum pier around 8am and it takes 1h to get to the Sail Rock. This time we use for theory session. On the spot we stay around 4h, enough time for training and later fun dive, when you can practice skills you learned and enjoy underwater life. We should be back around 2pm, therefore rest of the day is for you to explore the island and enjoy your holidays.

All equipment, certification fees as well breakfast and lunch are included in the price. We provide the free pick-up from your resort for the bookings for more than 2 people. Yet we can help you to organize transport for small fee- just contact us in advance. Attention: Pickup from Thong Lai Pan area is an additional 500baht/day/person.  

We need at least 1 day advanced notice to book the place for you, so contact us in advance. Cancellation is free of charge if done before 6pm previous day. Otherwise cancellation fee/no-show is 400 Baht.

We accept payments in Thai bahts, US dollars or Euro (with current Bangkok Bank exchange rates) as well as credit card payments (add 3% commission).

Discover Freediving

1 day,  maximum depth 12m
PRICE: 4000 baht

Is a fun and safe introduction to freediving. Discover the different freediving disciplines. Develop a good kicking technique and streamlined position. Learn new breathing techniques which enable you to hold your breath for longer and dive with comfort.
Dicover Freediving is Day 1 of the Freediver Course. If you like it you can continue with Day 2 to get certified.

Requirements: Ability to swim in open water

Course Content


Introduction to freediving and the different disciplines
Freediving equipment
Duck-dives – Effective underwater entry technique
Kicking technique
Equalization techniques
Breathing techniques
Recovery breathing
Hydration and diet

Water Session

Preparation of equipment
Practice of efficient breathing technique in the water
Practice of duck-dives and kicking technique
Buoyancy test
Freediving on the dive-line
Maximum depth of 12 meters


Freediver Course

2 days, maximum depth 20m
PRICE: 7000 Baht

Discover the different freediving disciplines. Learn all about Equalisation. Develop a good kicking technique and streamlined position. Learn new breathing techniques to enable you to hold your breath for longer and dive with comfort. Reach depths of up to 20 meters. Instructors are with students at all times under the water, building confidence and ensuring a safe and fun environment.

Requirements: Ability to swim in open water

Course Content

DAY 1 : Discover Freediving

DAY 2 :


Review of the freedives of Day 1
Fine-tuning the breathing technique
Physiology of breath-hold
Safety and rescue
Safety & rescue procedures in the water
Pranayamas – yogic breathing with application to freediving

Water Session

Warm up dives
Practice of new breathing technique
Buddy team work
Safety procedures and practice
Practice FIM and CW dives
Maximum freedives on the dive-line of up to 20 metres


Static Apnea Clinic

1 day,  3 min Breath-hold Guaranteed!
PRICE: 3000 Baht

Develop new skills to maximize your breath-hold ability. Learn to control your mind and body with relaxation and visualizations techniques. 3 minutes breath-hold GUARANTEED. Discover what happens to your body during long breath-hold and have a better understanding of your capabilities.

Static Clinic is also Day 1 of the Advanced Course. Like it and continue with Day 2 & Day 3 for your Advanced Freediver Certification.

Requirements: Apnea Total Freediver Certification or equivalent (AIDA 2*, SSI L1, AA 1, CMAS 1, PADI Freediver etc)

Disclaimer: Static Clinic can also be taken by people without prior freediving experience. In this case we can only guarantee 2 min breath-hold.

Course Content


Mammalian dive reflex
Preparation for static apnea
Specific breathing technique for static apnea, pool and dry training
Breath-hold exercises
Relaxation, mind and body control techniques
Training routine for increasing breath-hold capabilities

Water Session

Body position and relaxation
Preparation for a maximum breath-hold
Maximum static apnea attempts
Minimum 3 minutes breath-hold
Safety procedures and practice


Advanced Freediver Course

1 day, 3 min Breath-hold Guaranteed!, maximum depth 35m
PRICE: 9000 Baht

Now that you are comfortable freediving take the next step with deeper dives and longer breath-holds. With this intense 3 days course you will learn and practice new freediving techniques which will drastically improve your performance.

Day 1 is a Static Clinic. On Day 2 to you will learn 4 section breathing technique with new efficient breathing patterns. You will learn also advanced skills like exhaling before going down that allow your body to adjust gradually to new target depths. You will also practice freefall with depth up to 25m. Day 3 is Deep Dives session when we explain techniques for deeper dives and use it in water session with maximum depth of 35m. Course is finished with examples of training routines so you can practice freediving in the future.

Requirements: Apnea Total Freediver Certification or equivalent (AIDA 2*, SSI L1, AA 1, CMAS 1, PADI Freediver etc)

Course Content

DAY 1 : Static Apnea Clinic

DAY 2 :


Advanced 4-section breathing technique
Pre-dive breathing pattern
Benefits and techniques of ‘Exhale Dives’
Body adaptation to great pressure

Water Session

Warm-up routines
Specific breathing for exhale diving
Exhale dives with a maximum depth of 25 meters
Practice of advanced equalization techniques
Body relaxation and energy efficiency in the water
Full lung dives

DAY 3 :


Stages and preparation for a deep dive
Thoracic stretches
Lung capacity increasing exercises (packing)
Deep equalization techniques

Water Session

Full preparation for a deep dive
Exhale dives as warm-up
Full lung dives with a maximum depth of 35 meters



Master Freediver

4-6 weeks,
PRICE: 30000 Baht

Maximize your performance, with a personalized training. Perfect your skills in this 4-6 weeks training program. Learn new disciplines, reach new depths, gain more confidence in water. Study in-depth about physiology, freediving training, safety, competition rules. Assist instructors, gain experience with students in preparation for Instructor course.
The aim of the course is to make you an independent freediver with experience and knowledge to prepare yourself for competing and/or teaching freediving.

Requirements: Apnea Total Advanced Freediver Certification or equivalent (AIDA 3*, SSI L2, AA 2, CMAS 2, etc)

Course Content

Master course: minimum 20 water sessions, minimum 2 swimming pool sessions (dynamic) + static sessions, minimum 3 theory sessions, minimum 2 dry training sessions (fitness), first aid course.

Theory: physiology (in depth MDR, BO/samba, cardiovascular system, aerobic/anaerobic effort, respiratory system, barotraumas - lungs, ears, sinuses), deep dives (equalization, residual volume, packing, buoyancy, speed etc), safety and rescue (safety systems and procedures in deep Freediving, team work, decompression theory).

Skills you will have :
1. Proper technique for FIM, CW, CWNF, VW
2. Exhale dives min. 30m FIM and CW
3. Freefall (min distance 20m)
3. Frenzel equalization
4. Mouth fill equalization
5. Bottom time (at least 3min @25m+)
6. Rescue from 25m
7. Static min 4min
8. DYN and DNF techniques (turns, kick/strokes techniques)
9. Safety team work - 2 safety divers.
10. Masters have at least 1 yoga workshop, relaxation/meditation workshop and dry static
11. Workshop on physical preparation (HIIT, Tabatha protocol, cardiovascular training) followed by at least one extra training.
12. First Aid course (CPR)


Apnea Total Instructor Course (ATIC)

2-4 weeks,
PRICE: 35000 Baht, internship option

In this intensive course you will develop your freediving knowledge and teaching skills. Candidates should have already completed the Master Course or equivalent. A love for teaching is required with good people skills as well as a passion for freediving. Groups are kept very small (max 3 Instructors Trainee) therefore providing the best quality of teaching. Our aim is to produce highly educated instructors with experience and knowledge to provide the best experience for their students.

The first 2 weeks consist of mostly theory and in-water workshops, followed by team-teaching with already experienced instructors. It is required to teach at least 2 Freediver Courses and 1 Advanced Course under supervision before becoming a certified Apnea Total Instructor.

REQUIREMENTS: 50m CW or FIM, 5min STA, with Apnea Total Master Certification or equivalemt (AIDA 4*, SSI L3, CMAS 3, etc)
IMPORTANT! Apnea Total is the only freediving organization which requires their instructor to assist students under water all the time and follow them all the way down, therefore you need proper freediving endurance.

Course Content

Weeks 1-2

Theory of Freediver and Advanced Freediver Courses
Presentations on Freediver and Advanced Freediver Courses
Theory: Advanced physiology, Psychology and stress management, Methodology of teaching
Workshop sessions in the water

Weeks 3-4
Teaching and gaining experience with Freediver and Advanced Freediver Courses


Coaching Session

1 day,
PRICE: 2200 baht

We offer coaching sessions covering all freediving topics. Coaching session always starts with setting up the goals of the session with your instructor.  Either it is technique improvements, depth progress, equalization improvements or specific problems, together with instructor you will be working on those aspects n the water. Session is finished with personalized training plan.

Requirements: Apnea Total Freediver Certification or equivalent (AIDA 2*, SSI L1, AA 1, CMAS 1, PADI Freediver etc)




Fun Dive

1 day,
PRICE: 1600 baht

Discover Sail Rock underwater, freedive with whale sharks, surrounded by schools of barracudas, trevallys and batfish. Explore the famous Chimney and others secret locations around Sail Rock. Fun dive sessions are always done in buddy team, therefore if you are alone you will be provided with safety.
If you want, you can join training on the line- then you will be provided with safety.

Please keep in mind that EVERY training session is finished with fun dive.

Requirements: Apnea Total Freediver Certification or equivalent (AIDA 2*, SSI L1, AA 1, CMAS 1, PADI Freediver etc)