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Apnea Koh Phangan Freediving School is the only center on the island specialized in freediving education. We are a passionate team of freedivers and teachers, waiting to share our knowledge and love for freediving with our students. With over 17 years of experience in competitive freediving and coaching, we provide the best freediving education and service you can find.

We believe that freediving is for everyone and we pride ourselves on giving a personalized approach to our students. We adapt to the student's skills and progress making each course a unique experience. Groups are kept very small, therefore  courses are very personal and progress is fast.
Safety is our priority, therefore an instructor is with students at all times during dives- You will never be left alone!

Whether interested in snorkeling on the reef, freediving with dolphins, mastering the art of spearfishing or maybe even interested in the competitive aspects of freediving, Apnea Koh Phangan has a course that fits your needs.

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish

Jaques Cousteau


Freediving also called breath-hold diving or Apnea, is diving on a single breath of air without the use of artificial breathing equipment. It is the most natural way to explore the underwater world. Without any breathing apparatus, you are no longer just an observer, you are part of the Ocean. When freediving you are closer to marine life. Without bulky equipment, noise and bubbles that come with scuba you become just another aquatic creature.

Freediving is connected to many other activities such as snorkeling, spearfishing , synchronized swimming, surfing as well as yoga and meditation. It is a journey to discover not only the Ocean but also your inner self. Anyone can enjoy freediving regardless of age or fitness level, given the right knowledge and practiced with the correct safety procedures.

Learn to train your body and mind to dive with confidence and comfort. Dive to depths you never imagined possible. Join us for a more personal experience and discover your true potential.


Discover Freediving

The Basics

Ever wondered about Freediving, but not sure if it is for you? Try our introduction day, before committing to a full course. A safe and fun way to begin your freediving   journey.

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Freediver Course

Take the Plunge

Discover your potential with our 2 day beginner Course. Learn new techniques and develop new skills.
Anyone can become a freediver with the right training.

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Static Clinic

Mind Control

Maximum breath hold training on the surface of the water. Learn how to focus your mind. Discover what happens to your body during breath hold. 3min breath hold GUARANTEED!

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Advanced Freediver

Let’s Go Deeper

3 days. New advanced breathing techniques. Deeper depths, longer breath- holds and lots more. What can you achieve? Come join us and find out.

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Master Course

The Next Level

So now you’re hooked. The ultimate training program. 4 weeks freedive internship tailor made to maximize your performance. First step to become a PRO.

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Instructor Course

Love Freediving, Live Freediving

Join the Apnea Total Family. Develop your teaching skills and freedive knowledge. An intensive course, producing a high standard of instructors.

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Hey, this man is not breathing. Don't people usually breathe?

Homer Simpson


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The best diving course I have been on (...) Cannot recommend this professional company enough, if you are thinking about doing a course but aren't really sure, just do it!! You will surprise yourself like I did...(via Facebook)

Izzy, UK

Freediving at Sail Rock always was a blast, the location the school visits is one of the best in the area. And with the whalesharks perhaps the best! (via TripAdvisor)

Frederick, Belgium

Thanks a lot for this two days course it was amazing [...] again thanks a lot. We didn't expect that was so easy but with very good teachers everything is easy. Amazing experience!!!! (via TripAdvisor)

Benoit, France

Hands down one of the best experiences I ever had. Lukas and Tom were very helpful and knowledgeable trainers. While having fun I managed to reach 20m without previous free diving experience. Highly recommended. (via TripAdvisor)

Vassilis, Greece

I done the two day training, all the instruction was super clear, and easy to understand! The training is well pitched to beginners, and was great fun! I wish I was staying on the island longer!! (via Facebook)

Gary, UK

...They had me diving to 20metres on my second day, feeling safe and relaxed throughout. Can't recommend it enough. I've been around the water my whole life but you just don't know what you don't know. It's well worth it.

Allan, Australia

Become like water my friend

Bruce Lee


Our main office in Chaloklum Village is currently under renovation. Haad Yoa Divers is our temporary office. Meet us there but message first before!

At times we may be in the water teaching or training so if you want to have a chat in the office better contact us in advance. If we don't pick up the phone-  we are in the water - send us an e-mail , message us on WhatsApp or Facebook and we will answer ASAP.
If you want to have a chat we can meet you in your resort as well, just leave us a message.

You can also find our booking agents in several locations on the island (look for posters).

Phone/WhatsApp:         +66 923 801 494

Facebook:                        ApneaKohPhangan


Address:                          Chaloklum Village, Koh Phangan
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